The second session of the Organizing committee

On Thursday 29th June the Organizing committee (OC) of the IBU Youth and Junior World Championships Biathlon 2019 Osrblie had its second meeting in building of the National Biathlon Centre (NBC) in Osrblie.

The participating OC members were taking through the tasks, which are to be solved by the championships beginning. One of the most important factors is participants’ accommodation. The OC members have agreed to utilise the model used and set during the last YJWCH hold in Osrblie in 2017 and within IBU Cup 2018. In the coming days the basic accommodation  concept will be elaborated and hotels, for giving “the roof over the head” for more than 600 participants of the YJWCH 2019, will be chosen.

On 12th June an introductory press conference regarding the IBU YJWCH was held in Banská Bystrica, where the OC introduced the new IBU YJWCH 2019 logo.

In this time-phase president of the executive organising committee Biathlon Osrblie Mr. Ivor Lehoťan sees the greatest potential in the event promotion in the regional mass media.

The OC has prepared negotiations with RTVS regarding production of an international TV signal from Osrblie 2019.

The budget of the event was increased by five thousands Euro, that will be used for new design of the biathlon stadium with its official branding and YJWCH logo during world Championships.

On 15th July 2018 an important inspection from International biathlon union (IBU) will be held in Osrblie. During this inspection the OC and IBU Race Director for YJWCH Mr. Arne Eidam will go through all questions regarding event organisation. Mr. Eidam will also examine adepts at new Slovak international referees for international competitions.

Mr. Michal Baka, competition director, starts with elaboration of Propositions for the IBU YJWCH 2019.  Secretariat of the Slovak Biathlon Association (SBA) asked the German company HoRa to check the shooting range in Osrblie. President and Vice-presidents of the OC IBU YJWCH 2019 are just finishing with marketing offers for sponsors.

At the same time the OC went through the technical requirements to beautify the biathlon area in Osrblie that was submitted by Mr. Benjamín Leitner. The requirements will be fulfilled step by step. The new flagpoles for flags are also to be installed. A grandstand for one thousand spectators will be prepared for IBU YJWCH whereby OC also schedules to ensure a large-space tent, where possibility will be given to take shelter against the bad weather. There is also supposed a small “fan zone” in the tent.

The opening ceremony will be held on the town square in Brezno on 26th January 2019. The OC members agreed that it is necessary, beside bunting and the athletes parade, to revive and diversify the ceremony so as to attract viewers (e.g. laser show).     

It is necessary to ensure transport for the athletes, quality internet connection for journalists in the press centre. As a positive fact can be mentioned that the route through Hronec and Osrblie is equipped with new asphalt topping on its several sections.

At the turn of September and October an information on possibility how to help during event as a volunteer will be issued. For September is also a voluntary work in Osrblie supposed.

The next meeting of the OC will be held on Monday 24th September 2018: “We believe to be able to report about our summer steps and achievements positively in September,” said president of the executive OC Biathlon Osrblie Mr. Ivor Lehoťan.