Slovakia believes Sklenárik, Gašperčík does not want to determine any aims

We will also have our “irons in the fire” at the IBU Youth and Junior World Championships Biathlon 2019 Osrblie, which will take place from 26th January 2019 to 3rd February 2019.

The hottest “iron” is Tomáš Sklenárik, who was the most successful Slovakia´s youth biathlete in the season 2017/18. During the new season he will have his premiere among juniors, where he moved from youth category. Milan Gačperčík will be his coach: “It will certainly be harder among the juniors, than it was till now. My training and preparation is and certainly will be very good,” the young national team member said.

“We all together will strive to prepare our junior national team best so as it will be able to succeed on the home ground. The expectations are mainly from Tomáš Sklenárik. We believe, he show his quality also in Osrblie,” SBA´s president Tomáš Fusko hops.

Trainer Milan Gašperčík, on his own, is very glad to have such opportunity. He believes in successful course of the IBU YJWCH: “I would like to express my thanks to Association for trust and possibility offered. I will be a coordinator of the young people mainly, because these young biathletes will have their preparation and trainings within their clubs for most of the year. I will also ensure the travelling, training camps and for biathletes the entire preparation for IBU YJWCH, where we will succeed – as I hope,” Gašperčík says.

He didn’t want to determine any aims at all: “Tomáš has closed the last season as the best youth athlete when he competed in the youth category and he was three times among the top ten. We already have had similar situation with Šimon Bartko, but his best place was the 12th position after moving among juniors. That is why it is too difficult to forecast any placements, which would be nice to be achieved within YJWCH in Osrblie. We will see how the training process will carried off and how the boys will feel regarding their health conditions,” Gašperčík added.

Matej Kubove